Understanding Gender & Diversity in Indian Schools

This website contains resources to understand the challenges surrounding gender and sexuality in schools in India. These resources include short stories, articles, posters, pamphlets etc. for students, parents and teachers alike. It also contains academic resources for researchers studying gender and sexuality in schools.

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Your student spends the maximum amount of the day with you. You are a big role model for them. Support them when they are called names like Hijra, Chakka or bullied or made fun of at school.

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Your child may have come out to you as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. This means that they trust you and value their relationship with you. Your support is very important to them at this time.

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You may be feeling confused about who you really are, who you feel attracted to, and the world’s reaction to being different. Learn more about your feelings and be okay with who you are.

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